Developed as a submission for Indiecade 2019
“I, The Masked” is a dark and mysterious single-player puzzle game focused around dissecting the behavior of those around you. Players are immediately thrust into a strange, claustrophobic game of tokens taking place in the back of a hectic moving van. The rules are simple: on your turn, either take someone’s token, give one of your tokens to someone else, or do nothing. The consequences are equally as simple: if you lose all your tokens, you get thrown out the back, directly into the judging crowd.
The game explores themes of judgement, self-confidence, and control. Over a series of four dreams, the player is introduced to five masked characters, each wearing their crime on a sign around their neck. As the van becomes more crowded, the player catches glimpses of their own sign. Understanding each character is key to being the last one standing.
2D Art / Animations / Game Design: Sean Park
Programming / Game Design: Aaron Gaudette
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