Developed as my senior capstone project at the NYU Game Center
"Antifaust" is a cooperative top-down twin stick shooter with one central hook: there is only one gun for both players to utilize. Players take control of two Antifaust agents, members of a divine task force that hunt down those who make deals with the devil. Between them they share The Crucifier, a holy firearm that is too powerful for one agent to bear.
2D Art / Animation / Additional Programming / Level and Game Design: Sean Park
Core Gameplay Programming / Game Design: Matthew Cutts
Original Music / Audio Design: Peter Kohrman
Rather than reinvent the mechanics of top-down shooting, we sought to tie communication and planning with the act of passing a gun back and forth with another player. Reloading your weapon, stunning enemies, progressing through floors, and more all require precise timing and aim between players to execute. The result is a game that we think reveals itself in rapid layers: Antifaust is a game about injecting as much strategic thinking and cooperative combat as possible into a brief 15-minute window.
As a finished title, Antifaust is an homage both to classics like"Robotron" and to modern indie shooters like "Enter the Gungeon". It’s a chance for us to try and hybridize pulpy narrative elements with short, vivid burst of chaotic fun. So grab a friend and learn a challenging, cyclical game system where you can slay demons together. ​​​​​​​
Images and video of Antifaust at NYU Game Center Showcase 2019 on May 23, 2019
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